Sunday, August 23, 2009

Philippines Dirty,Poor & Weak

I'm from Philippines and i hate it well because it's very dirty, yes I'ts true philippines is the most dirtiest place in the world, why you ask? everywhere you go theres garbage, all river in philippines are full of garbage the government doesn't even care. Wet market is the dirtiest place you'll see, do you even buy food in a dirty environment OFF COURSE NOT! people there are very smelly doesn't take a bath then touches your food. Manila Capital of Philippines and Capital of Polution, when you go to Manila you see in the air is black and smells like smoke because Philippines is Overcrowded and Manila has most cars and other transformation, the government doen't even declare one child policy even once a year. Every minute 5 babies are born in Philippines so it would be very crowded people are getting poor for every baby maybe 75% of Philippines is poor. Payatas garbage disposal of Philippines thre lots of lots of mountain garbage in Payatas everyday the garbage is getting bigger That's why Philippines is DIRTY. Why's Philippines poor started in education. Education in Phillipines is low and expensive so people that doesn't go to school anymore, people that are lack of education there way of survival is being a vendor, faith healer, collecting bottles plastic and metal to sell in a junkshop. People doen't have a home are being transfered to a squatters area. Squatters area is a very dirty place lot's of poor people government doesnt want to make a subdivision instead of squtters area so that Philippines doen't look poor. Philippines has many Factories that releases Black Chemicaled Smoke that can damage our Ozone Layer. People in Philippines always spit everywhare disrespecting and very discusting. Why Philippines is weak well my problem is philippines always produce movies that are low in qualitty and always a love story even music in philippines are love song i hate that. people here are very lazy that's why they don't have much money. People here always depends on other country for theire living that we called OFW, Our President is very weak she not a strong women all you hear to her are lies & lies doent even happen wha she says she suck! . ok that's the 3 Major Problems that doent even care.
By: Cyberhub